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LeafGuard believes in keeping gutters clean by protecting them from leaves, debris, and clogging. Our patented system is guaranteed never to clog, resulting in the constant flow of water throughout the system and away from your home.

If your gutters require cleaning, it might be time for an upgrade that will pay off for years and years to come. Get a free estimate today and say goodbye to gutter cleaning forever!

LeafGuard Testimonials

"I am 92 years old, have had a stroke, and live alone so it is good to know I do not have to have the gutters cleaned ever again. I like the fact that Good Housekeeping recommends LeafGuard gutters."

Iris A.

"LeafGuard has a great reputation with customers and dedication to service. I am totally satisfied and thank you for your business."

Rita P.

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Keeping British Columbia's Gutters Clean

Gutters can start to resemble Williston Lake if not cleaned regularly. And gutter cleaning can be such a laborious chore to check off the list, but it doesn’t have to be.

Gutter cleaning is easy when your gutters are always clean. Weather and seasonality cause clogging and debris build up, and LeafGuard believes that you should never have to clean your gutters or hire someone else to do it.

British Columbia homeowners don’t need to be told how weather affects the home. It’s beautiful one day, tempestuous the next. In the same month it could snow, rain, and or be sunny and 70. You never know what to expect, but that shouldn’t leave you worrying about the weather’s effect on your gutters, and how you’ll clean them.

LeafGuard is the only gutter service that you won’t need to call again next year. Rain or shine, the gutters are up there protecting your home, and diverting water away. The patented one-piece solution never clogs, and that means that gutter cleaning is never needed.

Make the last call for gutter service you’ll ever need to make by getting a free estimate on LeafGuard today!

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