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LeafGuard® is a patented, one-piece seamless gutter system that is guaranteed never to clog. Save yourself seasonal trips up the ladder and onto the roof and experience the LeafGuard advantage today.


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"i could not wait for the first rain to test our investment. The gutter system works perfectrly. Thank you"

James L., Boston, MA

"LeafGuard has a great reputation with customers and dedication to service. I am totally satisfied and thank you for your business."

Rita P., Baltimore, MD

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Protecting Wisconsin Gutters

When the Heat Escapes Your House, Everybody Loses

You probably know the dangers that rain poses to a house without a sufficient gutter system, but do you know the unique problems that snow and ice can cause? Aside from the obvious threat of melting snow and ice creating a heavy flow of water, snow and ice can create ice dams on roofs and near gutters. An ice dam is re-frozen ice or snow , formed as a result of melting from the heat of the house, then refreezing in a new form. This is potentially dangerous if it forms around your gutters or under your shingles. The best thing to do to prevent ice dams is to have proper insulation on your roof and a sufficient gutter system around your house.

Visit the Energy Star website for more information on Ice Dams and the problems that they can cause.

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