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Gutter Guards and Installation in Utah

Seamless Rain Gutters

LeafGuard® is a patented, one-piece seamless gutter system that is guaranteed never to clog. Save yourself seasonal trips up the ladder and onto the roof and experience the LeafGuard advantage today.


LeafGuard Testimonials

"I could not wait for the first rain to test our investment. The gutter system works perfectly. Thank you"

James L.

"We feel that the LeafGuard gutter installation complements the appearance of our home"

Lisa G.

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Protecting Utah Gutters

When you’re outdoors, wouldn’t you rather be skiing and exploring Utah’s parks than stuck on your own roof unclogging your gutters?

The outdoors have so much to offer. It would be a shame if all your free time this season was dedicated to yard work! LeafGuard gutter systems eliminate one major nuisance around the house – clogged gutters. LeafGuard gutters are guaranteed never to clog as long as you have them, and they ensure that water flows freely throughout. That means that you never have to spend any more time getting up on your ladder and cleaning the gutters.

LeafGuard Seamless Gutter Dealers in UT

LeafGuard of Utah
3521 W 1500
South Salt Lake City, UT 84104


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