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What Is LeafGuard?

LeafGuard® is a unique rain gutter protection system for your home. All gutters carry water away from you home, but only LeafGuard does it with a one-piece, patented, debris-shedding design that is better than any other gutter on the market today. back arrow

Why You Need LeafGuard

The Number One reason you need a LeafGuard gutter system, is because it is the best! If you are a homeowner who takes pride in your home, you want the peace of mind of knowing that you chose the best gutter option available. back arrow

How LeafGuard Works

The Englert LeafGuard gutter system works on the scientific principle of Liquid Adhesion. The gutter’s patented design allows rainwater to travel down and around its curved hood and into the gutter, while deflecting leaves and debris. back arrow

Why LeafGuard Is Better

A LeafGuard Gutter is unique and patented. Only a LeafGuard Gutter combines a leaf and debris shedding hood with a large gutter bottom, in a one-piece, seamless gutter. back arrow

Good Housekeeping

LeafGuard Brand gutters have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, the foremost symbol of quality assurance and safety in America. When competitors attack LeafGuard’s performance and design, remember this distinction. back arrow

LeafGuard on TV

In most do-it-yourself and home improvement shows, gutters are an afterthought or not even mentioned at all. Not true about LeafGuard Brand gutters. LeafGuard is so unique in the marketplace that it’s worth talking about and mentioning by name. back arrow

Become a Dealer

Englert, the creator of the industry’s most innovative metal roofing and rainware products, proudly introduced LeafGuard® Brand one-piece, clog free gutters in 1993. The LeafGuard gutter system is unlike anything else available on the market today.

LeafGuard appeals to homeowners because of its quality, clog-free guarantee, ScratchGuard® paint finish, and attractive design.

Englert is offering qualified contractors, a ground-floor opportunity to be among the select group of authorized dealers to sell this totally unique, and highly desirable new product.

Englert, an established and well-respected industry leader, will be your most reliable business partner, providing you with a Comprehensive Program which includes:

A Professional Marketing Plan
Proven Sales Tools, and
Full Business Support
To become an Authorized LeafGuard Dealer, please call 1-800-LEAFGUARD today, or:

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