America’s Most Trusted Gutter Protection

Speaker 1: Since 1909, The Good Housekeeping Institute has been testing thousands of products a year and awarding the Good Housekeeping Seal to those products that either meet or exceed their performance claims.

Rachel: Welcome to The Good Housekeeping Institute, an institution that has stood for trust and reliability for over 100 years. I'm Rachel Rothman and I'm the Chief Technologist here. Passed by a team of engineers and scientists, the consumer product testing laboratory evaluates thousands of products each year. In a time of mistrust and a crowded marketplace, we're proud that our seal gives consumers added assurance. For over a decade, Leaf Guard has been a proud Good Housekeeping Seal holder. The angular Leaf Guard system earned the Good Housekeeping Seal only after the engineers at the institute reviewed the product and claims to make sure the product would perform as promised.

Leaf Guard as is seamless one-piece, leaf protection system that is designed to keep your gutters clog-free. Because of the way in which the system is designed, only water will go into the gutter. Other items that run down your roof, whether it be leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris, will shed. Forget having to climb up on the ladders to clean them out. Water then exits through a very wide downspout,, allowing water to move through the gutter quickly and not spill water behind the gutter potentially, ruining your siding. Its thick construction and scratch-guard finish help protect against chipping, peeling, cracking, and even if water freezes inside the gutter it'll stay in place.

Only after he hands-on testing that we've done and a thorough review of data this product during the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Speaker 1: Good Housekeeping testing ensures that consumers are better prepared when making purchasing decisions for their homes, families, and businesses.