Committed to Quality & Service

Sean Sullivan: The Englert LeafGuard system earned the Good Housekeeping Seal only after Good Housekeeping and the Research Institute reviewed the product and all the claims it makes, and actually tested them to make sure the product would perform as promised.

LeafGuard's system is unique because through the principles of liquid adhesion, the water will run down your roof but only the water will then go into the gutter. Leaves, debris, dirt, anything that's on your roof will be shed so only water goes into the gutter. It is exited very quickly from the system with a very wide downspout, and also the construction of the LeafGuard gutter will withstand any water freezing. It will not fall off if water freezes in the gutter.

All of these properties of the LeafGuard system were evaluated here in the Good Housekeeping Research Institute before it was allowed to earn the Good Housekeeping Seal.