Are You Getting Tired of Doing DIY Jobs?

Father and son

There’s something to be said for the Do-It-Yourself homeowner. While doing your own work can be satisfying and give you a sense of pride, there comes a time when hours of doing your own construction, maintenance, and other household projects can take a toll on your time, body, and wallet.

When it comes to gutter cleaning, it’s not all that satisfying or rewarding, is it? It’s just grunt work. Yes, you’re preventing damage to your home, which is great. But you’re not building anything. You’re not improving anything. You’re elbow-deep in gunk for several hours, and over the years, the experience is a chore, not the reward of a true DIY project.

The more time you spend doing grunt work, the less time you get to spend with your family and enjoying your home.

In most cases, the gutter products that you’ll find in the home improvement stores are inferior to the commercial products that contractors and manufacturers provide. No matter how hard you try, you won’t find a gutter guard in your local home store that is superior to LeafGuard®.

LeafGuard’s patented one-piece seamless gutters are the premier product in the market today. One call to LeafGuard and you will receive a free estimate to evaluate your current gutter system. Our professional and licensed gutter installer does a walkaround to pinpoint any gutter problems firsthand. The installer reviews your current gutters and provides you with an honest assessment. Most LeafGuard installations are done in one day or less. Can you say that about your DIY project?

LeafGuard gutters are made from aluminum 20% thicker than the industry standard and downspouts 30% larger than our competitors. The gutters are supported every two feet, twice the industry standard, ensuring protection against the harshest of weather conditions. We are the seamless gutter system guaranteed never to clog*.

No more climbing ladders to clean gutters on a Sunday afternoon when you’d rather be watching the game. No more fixing water damage in your basement due to water seepage at your foundation. No more painting your fascia and trim due to water damage. Lots more time with your family and friends. What’s that worth to you?

LeafGuard – Get it. And forget it®.


*Guaranteed not to clog for as long as you own your home, or we will clean your gutters for free.