How do I Know When to Replace My Gutters?

How do I Know When to Replace My Gutters?

Gutters protect your home from one of its biggest enemies - water. Having well-maintained gutters will help prevent your home from expensive moisture-related problems such as mildew and mold, peeling paint, wood rot and annual cleaning.

Cracked Gutters or Broken Seams

Cracked gutters or gutters with broken seams are problems that cause your gutters to leak, defeating the purpose of having a water drainage system. Cracks can be large holes that have rusted through or tiny cracks that you cannot see until you have a rainstorm. Some of these small cracks can be repaired but large holes will require replacement of the section or the entire gutter.

Broken seams are where two sections of the gutter meet. These can be minor loosening between sections or complete separation of the parts. Again, minor seam issues can be repaired but major problems will require replacement.

Cracking and seam issues can be prevented by having seamless gutters such as LeafGuard®.

Paint and Rot

Water can destroy a good paint job. And once the protective paint layer is jeopardized, this can cause paint bubbling or peeling. If the paint has not been fixed quickly, the water can seep into areas such as fascia, sills or other wood trim parts of your home and cause rot. Once wood has rotted, the entire piece will need to be replaced. If left long enough, you can even get water seepage to the interior of your home in places like the insulation or drywall. Then you have an even bigger and more expensive problem.

The LeafGuard gutter system is connected to the already existing fascia board with high-quality screws and internal fasteners that are designed to hold up against the toughest of weather conditions. Water cannot get behind the gutters – preventing paint damage and rot.

Mold and Mildew

Poorly maintained, clogged or broken gutters can cause water to sit near your home’s foundation. This can cause mold and mildew growth in your basement. It is not only unattractive on the walls, but it can cause some serious health issues as well.

LeafGuard’s proprietary clog-free design eliminates water damage to your home caused by clogged gutters. Other gutter systems are multi-piece with seams that are vulnerable to leaks, rust, and sag. LeafGuard’s seamless one-piece design has no gaps or seams for water to leak through and won’t pull away or sag. LeafGuard is the only seamless gutter system guaranteed to never clog.*

So, when it comes time to replace your gutters, protect your home with LeafGuard.Get it. And forget it®.

*Guaranteed not to clog for as long as you own your home, or we will clean your gutters for free.

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