How LeafGuard's Gutter System is Convenient

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– it’s a term that we hear a lot these days. Things like online shopping, meal and grocery delivery, lawnmowing services, or cleaning gutters. These are things you could certainly do yourself. But why would you want to? It’s so much easier, and in many cases, cheaper, in the long run, to have someone else take care of these things. And what do you get for this convenience? It’s easy – valuable time. 

When you have that time given back to you by NOT having to do tasks like cleaning your gutters, you get to enjoy your life more. More time with family, more time with friends, or more time doing the things you enjoy.

The LeafGuard® gutter system is the premier gutter guard system in the market today and will be a significant convenience factor in your life. LeafGuard is guaranteed not to clog for as long as you own your home, or we will clean your gutters for free. LeafGuard gutter guards come with a ScratchGuard® paint finish that won’t chip, peel, crack, rot, or rust like many other gutter systems. This means you won’t have to worry about debris leaving unsightly scratches or dents that can lessen your home’s overall curb appeal. Additionally, the ScratchGuard finish has a built-in color retention ability to resist dirt and stand up to the environment. ScratchGuard keeps your gutters looking better and longer and is covered for the life of your gutters with a Limited Lifetime Warranty*.  

What is it worth to you to never have to clean your gutters, worry about them needing painting or replacement, or not performing as intended? You get peace of mind that your home and family are safe and protected. You also get more time to do the things you enjoy. What’s that worth to you? LeafGuard – Get it. And forget it. 


*LeafGuard® with Scratchguard® gutter and rain carrying accessories installed on the property will not blister, flake, chip, crack, peel, split, rot, red rust, or structurally deteriorate as a direct result of manufacturing defects under ordinary wear conditions if installed to Englert specifications. This Lifetime Limited Warranty lasts for the life of the property on which the gutter/rain carrying accessories were initially installed for as long as you own the property.