How much does gutter cleaning cost?

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Gutter maintenance may not be the most exciting of household tasks, but it’s still vitally important. Regular gutter cleaning can make all the difference between a happy, healthy home and overflowing gutters that lead to a damaged exterior. Left unchecked, clogged gutters can cause water to negatively impact the structural integrity of your home, leading to some hefty repair expenses.

Cleaning out gutters means removing any of the leaves, dirt, and other debris that can settle in your gutters over time, leading to leaks and blockages. It’s a job best left to the professionals, as climbing a ladder to do it yourself can be quite risky. Learn how much gutter cleaning can cost, the factors that can affect the price, and the benefits of professional gutter cleaning services. Trust the gutter experts with Leafguard.  

What is a normal gutter cleaning cost?

According to data from Forbes, nationwide, the typical cost of gutter cleaning is around 80 cents per linear foot. That means you would pay, on average, around $160 for a standard property with a gutter length of 200 feet.

The cost can be lower for gutters in single-story houses, starting at 40 cents per linear foot. On the other hand, for homes with multiple levels, a thorough gutter cleaning could cost over $2 per foot. It's worth noting that cleaning downspouts, which can also become clogged, may increase the project's overall cost by $50 to $100.

How much gutter cleaning should cost varies from home to home, depending on the type of property you have and the lengths of gutter you need to be cleaned. While gutter cleaning is an expense, however, maintaining them can be a smart, preventative measure to avoid more serious and costly issues. It’s more than simply cleaning out dirty and clogged gutters – you’re also safeguarding your home for the future.

Why is gutter cleaning important?

It’s not always easy to tell if your gutters are clogged. Wet leaves, sand, dirt, and other debris can quickly and quietly build up in your gutters without you knowing, leading to substantial issues. Regular cleaning can help you avoid the risk of larger, more expensive problems.

Clogged gutters can:

  • Weaken the foundations of your home – When rainwater doesn’t flow properly due to clogged and damaged gutters, excess water can seep into the soil around your home. This can put pressure on your foundations and encourage leaks in your basement, which can be an expensive repair.
  • Cause mold problems If your gutters begin to overflow and leak into your home, the excess moisture can encourage mold and mildew growth.
  • Attract pests – Clogged gutters are notorious for causing a buildup of stagnant water, which is the ideal environment for unwanted guests such as mosquitos and insects.
  • Cause wood rot – Overflowing water due to clogging can soak the exterior of your home, including fascia boards and wooden siding. If left unresolved, the excess moisture can rot your exteriors and require a more expensive repair. 

Like going to the dentist, gutter cleaning is somewhat of a hygiene task for your home. The comparatively small expense of regular gutter cleaning is worth it to avoid the risk of major gutter and structural home repairs down the line. 

What factors will influence the cost of cleaning out gutters?

Various factors can influence the cost of gutter cleaning services, from the size of your home to the state of your gutters since the last time you had them cleaned out. Things to consider include the following:

Gutter length

Length is one of the main factors that can affect the cost of gutter cleaning. This is typically calculated in linear feet, measuring the total length of gutters that wrap around your home. The larger your home’s footprint is, the more guttering you’ll have and the more you’ll need to clean.

For example, depending on the square footage, it may cost more to clean the gutters of a single-story home with a large footprint than a 2-story house that’s smaller overall.

Gutter cost per story

The height of your home and the number of stories can affect the price of gutter cleaning. Homes with more than one story may require additional equipment like extended ladders, plus there may be an extra level of risk involved.

Gutter condition

At its root, gutter cleaning is a practical service. The more labor that goes into the job, the more it may cost. If your gutters are particularly dirty and clogged with leaves, debris, and sediment, it may take more time and effort to clean them out. However, frequent cleaning can help keep them in good condition. 


Cost can also be influenced by accessibility. If your roof and gutters are easy to reach, it may take fewer resources to clean them. The harder they are to access, the more time and equipment may be needed.

For example, if your roof has a steep slope, this can pose more of a risk. If your gutters are obstructed by landscaping, this can also make them harder to access. The more inconvenient or dangerous the service, the more you may be charged.

Home location

Like any service, the cost of gutter cleaning can vary depending on where you live. Supply and demand, as well as seasonal demand, may influence how much you pay. 

Additional repairs

On top of routine cleaning, your gutters may need repairs to ensure they work safely and efficiently. Gutters can be affected by wear and tear. After a while, they may begin to pull away from their fastenings or develop holes that need to be repaired. You may also need to clean or install gutter guards and downspouts, which can affect the cost of the service.  

While extra repairs can vary case by case, it’s a good idea to prepare for any additional costs in your budget.

Should you clean out your gutters or get an expert to do it?

A professional gutter cleaning service can give you peace of mind that the job will be done thoroughly and efficiently, and you’ll certainly benefit from an expert inspecting for any issues or repairs that may be needed. It’s also a safer option and will help you avoid the risk of injury.

However, it’s not impossible to clean your gutters yourself. To clean your gutters safely, you need to own the right equipment and be confident using them. You may need an extendable ladder too, which can be expensive to rent.

Check out our blog on how to clean your gutters safely for tips on the right equipment to use and how to confidently navigate your gutters without putting yourself at risk.

How Leafguard can help

Leafguard gutters are different from typical gutters. We employ a heavy-duty, one-piece gutter design that deflects leaves and sediment so they don’t have the ability to settle.

Meanwhile, liquid adhesion technology guides water and debris where it needs to go. Our gutter system is made to bypass common gutter issues such as clogging and water overflow, meaning you can avoid the costs of getting your gutters cleaned.

In the unlikely event you ever need maintenance work carried out, we’re on hand to help resolve that for you too. We’ll send one of our local technicians to clean or repair the issue as part of our No Cost Lifetime Cleaning Guarantee included in your installation. That way, you never need to touch your gutters again.

Avoid the friction of frequent gutter cleaning and maintenance with Leafguard. Explore our blog to get to know your gutters better today.

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