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What Is LeafGuard?

LeafGuard® is a unique rain gutter protection system for your home. All gutters carry water away from you home, but only LeafGuard does it with a one-piece, patented, debris-shedding design that is better than any other gutter on the market today. back arrow

Why You Need LeafGuard

The Number One reason you need a LeafGuard gutter system, is because it is the best! If you are a homeowner who takes pride in your home, you want the peace of mind of knowing that you chose the best gutter option available. back arrow

How LeafGuard Works

The Englert LeafGuard gutter system works on the scientific principle of Liquid Adhesion. The gutter’s patented design allows rainwater to travel down and around its curved hood and into the gutter, while deflecting leaves and debris. back arrow

Why LeafGuard Is Better

A LeafGuard Gutter is unique and patented. Only a LeafGuard Gutter combines a leaf and debris shedding hood with a large gutter bottom, in a one-piece, seamless gutter. back arrow

Good Housekeeping

LeafGuard Brand gutters have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, the foremost symbol of quality assurance and safety in America. When competitors attack LeafGuard’s performance and design, remember this distinction. back arrow

LeafGuard on TV

In most do-it-yourself and home improvement shows, gutters are an afterthought or not even mentioned at all. Not true about LeafGuard Brand gutters. LeafGuard is so unique in the marketplace that it’s worth talking about and mentioning by name. back arrow

How Personal Safety Factors into Home Installations


A homeowner survey was conducted to answer a simple question: how do Americans feel about home installations? What is important and top of mind, and what is an afterthought?

Most homes practice some form of “don’t let strangers into the house”, and yet Americans do just that every day when they let in installation professionals or service professionals. So how safe do people feel during these situations?

The answers might surprise you! Read the full infographic here.

Personal Safety

The Question: How important is the sense of personal safety when selecting a home improvement professional to work in your home?

We asked this question to find out if homeowners are made uneasy by installation professionals, and if so, how prevalent those concerns are.  Should installation professionals take extra measures to alleviate some of these safety concerns of their customers? The data suggests that maybe they should.

How the answers broke out across different demographic factors:

Women and men felt differently about most of the issues raised in this survey, and personal safety was no different. 78% of women felt that a sense of personal safety was very or extremely important, compared to only 70% of men answering that way.

Living environment seemed to make no difference: Urban and rural homeowners both replied at the same rate, with 71% of each saying that this was either very or extremely important.

Regionally, the West felt the strongest about this question. This region answered that personal safety was very or extremely important at a 8% higher rate than the next closest region.

Income seemed to have no bearing on how homeowners felt about safety:  At least 65% of respondents in every income bracket felt that a sense of personal safety was very or extremely important.

This is something that most homeowners seem to think about, but not every installation company is addressing at a sufficient level.

As a leader in gutter installation, LeafGuard is always looking to learn more from the customer’s perspective in order to make their experience the best it could possibly be.

LeafGuard takes home installations very seriously. It is an integral part of our business, as it is the first step in uninvolving the homeowners their gutters. A proper installation (which includes customer service) is everything. The gutter system is custom-fit to the house and any “complexities” are accounted for at the time of installation to ensure a perfect fit and function.

The quality of the installation is a reflection on the product being installed and the company as a whole. A homeowner deserves to feel safe as well as confident that the job being performed on their home is of a high quality.

For more survey results on factors like appearance, familiarity, and warranty, check out the Installation Survey Infographic!


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