Gutter Damage You Can Repair

Man repairing his rain gutters on his house, repair gutters

Do you have sizeable repairs to make to your gutters this spring? Sometimes the problems catch you off-guard, or sometimes you’re not surprised because you’ve been putting off an issue you’ve known about for months. There are a few different things that could be wrong with your gutters.

Depending on how long you’ve owned your home or had gutters, you may never have experienced a season where gutter trouble was a real issue. Over time, these issues can rear their ugly head, and you will need to fix your gutters. Here are four gutter issues that will require repair:

They could be:

1. Leaky

Leaky gutters could result from gutters that have become disconnected from each other or the downspouts. If this is the case, the fix is to re-connect wherever the leak exists. The other leading cause of leaks is a crack, and this is more serious. Fixing a cracked gutter requires a sealing agent or purchasing new gutters entirely.

2. Clogged

There are two leading causes of clogged gutters. First, too much debris has built up in the gutters because they are unprotected. The second reason is if they are sagging and are clogged with water. Water flow ceases when gutters lose their slight pitch from too much weight or loose nails. Water will always be coming in, but it will not be moving out. This is a significant cause of gutter damage.

3. Disconnected

Gutters that are detaching from the roof become an issue if ignored. If that continues, it’s only a matter of time before they are completely detached and your gutters lie on the ground.

This problem usually results from too much pressure from snow and ice during the winter or too much debris during the fall or spring. To repair the gutters, the nails holding them in place will have to be nailed back in, potentially into new holes if the old holes are worn out.

4. Fallen

This is what happens when you ignore disconnected gutters. There is the case where a heavy storm or fallen branch knocks a gutter clean off the house. Regardless of how it happens, you know you need major repair because until gutters are back in place, water will cease to flow away from the house. Anything in that area – deck, patio furniture, plants, etc. – will be subject to damage from the water the gutters are not moving away from the house.

These problems vary in severity, and each requires a different solution. All 4 of these issues require attention and repair. If left ignored, each of these issues could damage your home.