US Climate: Part 1 | Northeast

Fall sunny day

The Northeastern section of the US includes the Mid-Atlantic States and New England. The states that make up this region are New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Delaware, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

The weather in the Northeast United States is described as having warm and moderate temperatures in the summer. The Mid-Atlantic region can have very hot and humid days during this season. Winter temperatures range from cool to frigid, and naturally, the farther north you travel into New England, the colder the temperatures will generally be. The average temperature in the Northeast in July is 69 degrees F (includes nighttime temperatures), while the average temperature in winter is 21 degrees F. The spring and autumn months are especially pleasant in this region. 

The northeast is moderately rainy and in the winter, the region often has heavy snow and freezing rain. The annual precipitation average, which includes both rain and snowfall, is about 46 inches a year. Precipitation usually comes in the form of large storm systems that can be comprised of rain, snow, and/or ice. Nor’easters, which are common in this region, are powerful storm systems that generally occur when a storm system forms in the Gulf of Mexico and moves northward up the East Coast. Nor’easters can bring heavy rain, snow, sleet, or a combination of the three, with the type of precipitation depending on the temperature ranges throughout the region.

If you are not accustomed to the northeast region of the United States, the humidity of the summer months can often seem unbearable. There is typically so much moisture in the air during this season that evening thunderstorms are very common occurrences.

The New England region of the northeast is renowned for its spectacular fall days, with cool and crisp temperatures and a splendid array of colors in the beautiful foliage. The spring months are equally beautiful, with new flowers representing every color of the rainbow.

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