US Climate Zones Part 3 Midwest

corn field with dark sky

The climate can vary greatly (depending on the state and season) in the Midwest region of the United States, which includes states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and North and South Dakota. Since these states have no oceans nearby to mitigate the changing temperatures, summers can be sweltering while the winters can be extremely frozen.

Average Temperatures

Winter temperatures often fall below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Spring and Fall temperatures are the most moderate, falling between 50 and 75 degrees. Summer temps are often quite humid, with averages between 85 and 95, and the humidity makes it feel even hotter.

Rain and Snow

Rainfall is typical in the Midwest, especially in Spring, Summer, and early Fall. This region can often see up to 10 days a month of rain. And winters see heavy snowfall, especially in the northernmost states like Minnesota.

Tornadoes and Droughts

The Midwest is home to a sizable portion of Tornado Alley, a large area of the country known for its high occurrences of tornadoes. Kansas and Iowa often see dozens of tornadoes a year. Most are minor, but when significant tornadoes happen, they often cause massive destruction in their wake. Droughts can also occur in this region of the country. This is especially devastating since this is a vast region for agriculture. Droughts can wipe out entire crops for the growing season.

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