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squerril baseball

Squirrel Baseball

Our LeafGuard Squirrel has found some fun ways to take out his frustrations. Try your skill at hitting the acorns, and see how far you can hit them. back arrow
acorn catch

Acorn Catch

LeafGuard gutters have deprived our little squirrel from his three squares a day. No open gutters, no acorns to collect. Click here and see if you can help our little guy catch some acorns. back arrow

LeafGuard on TV

In most do-it-yourself and home improvement shows, gutters are an afterthought or not even mentioned at all. Not true about LeafGuard Brand gutters. LeafGuard is so unique in the marketplace that it’s worth talking about and mentioning by name. back arrow

Photo Gallery

Millions of satisfied customers live in homes protected by LeafGuard Brand rain gutters. LeafGuard has a built in gutter guard that blends in beautifully with almost any style of home. back arrow

Design Studio

LeafGuard Brand gutters look beautiful on almost any style home. For your convenience we offer you this simple, easy to use Design Studio to demonstrate how LeafGuard gutters will look on a home style similar to yours. back arrow

Gutter Screens

Gutter screens are another form of gutter protection, and some some are inexpensive and readily available at hardware stores. However, they are tedious to install, marginally effective and generally don’t last very long, and you will still need to clean-out you gutter system. back arrow

Gutter Filters

A gutter filter or gutter insert fits into the existing gutter. Filters come in different styles but most are made from a variety of plastic foam materials and also rounded bristles. However, each is designed to be inserted into the gutter trough and repel leaves and debris while permitting rainwater to pass through. back arrow

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards of various kinds all have one purpose: to keep leaves and debris from clogging your home gutters. LeafGuard Brand gutters are a complete system that replaces existing gutters with a one-piece gutter system with an integrated protective hood. back arrow

Gutter Systems

A “gutter system” simply refers to the fact that gutter troughs and downspouts are employed in a systematic way to carry water safely away from your roof. The gutters placed at the edges of your roof are slightly “pitched” downward to allow rain water to flow through the gutter channel to a downspout, which carries the water safely to the ground. back arrow

The Story Behind the LeafGuard® Squirrel Games

Our frustrated LeafGuard squirrel, is still mad that LeafGuard keeps acorns from piling up in gutters. Open gutters with plenty of debris, leaves and acorns used to mean easy pickins’ for smart squirrels like him. Now he has to work harder to find food. Lucky for us, besides being cute, the LeafGuard Squirrel is multi-talented. Take a look at the games below. We think you’ll enjoy playing them.

We’ve designed these LeafGuard Squirrel Games so you could have fun testing your hand-eye coordination and challenging yourself and your friends. But keep in mind that the games have a serious message behind them:

When leaves and debris such as acorns accumulate inside your open gutters, your gutters become a convenient feeding ground for squirrels and other pests. We have nothing against cute little fluffy tailed squirrels. We just want them to find their nuts in trees or on the ground – not in your gutters!

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