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Why LeafGuard is Better

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Covered Gutters

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LeafGuard is Better Than Gutter Screens

Gutter screens are another form of gutter protection. Some are inexpensive and readily available at hardware stores. However, they are tedious to install, marginally effective and generally don’t last very long.

And, they won’t keep you off ladders!

You will still need to clean debris from the top of your gutter screens.  Furthermore, many gutter screens are not very durable and can blow away or separate from the gutters in high winds.

Gutter screens generally come in three to six-foot sections. During installation, screens, whether mesh or flat aluminum, must be cut to length and mitered at the corners.

Hinged gutter screens are designed to clip to the front lip of your gutter and rest on the roofing shingles. They are somewhat effective against leaves, however, do little to keep pine needles out of your gutters.

Flat Gutter Screens are about as effective as the hinged gutter screens, except they do not allow for easy access during clean-out. They are installed underneath the roofing shingles, which can damage your roof or void your warranty as lifted shingles can cause leaks.

Some screens simply slip into existing gutters, snap into place with spring tension or are otherwise attached or screwed to the gutters themselves.

LeafGuard gutters eliminate the need for gutter screens completely. LeafGuard’s patented design is a one-piece gutter and hood that deflects leaves and debris, allowing only rainwater to fall into the gutter.

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