The LeafGuard Advantage

Speaker: LeafGuard is better than two-piece systems. Two-piece design means the system can be knocked off or displaced by pests, falling limbs or snow buildup. Water or ice can build up on two-piece systems and damage your fascia or roof. Debris can collect on top of a two-piece add-on cover causing buildup and leaks.

LeafGuard gutters are the best gutters. LeafGuard's one-piece seamless design works on the principle of liquid adhesion, allowing rainwater to flow into the gutter's bottom while deflecting leaves, pine needles, debris and pests. This extra large gutter bottom guarantees maximum water flow and will not clog for as long as you own your home.

LeafGuard is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum that's 20% thicker than ordinary gutters. LeafGuard is securely fastened to your fascia board by internal, hidden, noncorrosive brackets, so your roof warranty or shingles are not affected. LeafGuard gutters feature a unique ScratchGuard paint finish. With LeafGuard gutters, you can get it and forget it!