Edgewater, MD

Speaker: There's a lot of debris on the roof that comes down. It's all shed off by the gutters. They do exactly what they were designed to do. They have been installed down for about eight years and we're able to project our water and get it out to exactly to where we need it. I feel that it does increase the value of a house, simply because it protects your decks. It protects your overhangs, even any area where it's going to tend to splash in off the roof. It's now being diverted to where, it's being put in a place where it needs to be and it does enhance the value of the house.

I would recommend these gutters to anyone building a house. Anyone who has an existing house, whether it has gutters on it or not. If it has gutters on it and it's not LeafGuard take them off and put LeafGuard on. I can't say enough about them.