Auburn, WA

Speaker: I was elected to get up on the roof. Hanging over the edge, cleaning out the gutters, there were places that the gutters were clogged so bad I didn't think I'd ever get them unclogged. LeafGuard actually works better in the demonstrations that I've seen. Now that I've had them at my house for a while, I see that it does a better job of keeping the debris out.

I felt that LeafGuard guarantees to, if there was ever a problem, call you when you'll come and fix them, was a guarantee that I was looking for. They also seemed to be a lot steadier than some of the competitions. I've also looked for products that good housekeeping endorses because I know that it's a good company, it's going to be a good company to work with and the product is generally above average. I would recommend LeafGuard to anybody that asks me.