Kirkland, WA

Speaker 1: Well, the old gutters were standard open gutters and with the debris and whatnot that we have around our house with the trees and everything that line our property, they'd fill up with both leaves and pine needles fairly rapidly. To keep them clean and actually flowing, we'd have to clean them four times a year.

It was quite a chore getting your hand down in between the roofing and the edge of the gutter without shredding your hand to effectively get the gutters clean was definitely demanding. I've done a lot of work in and around gutters and to see the way they hang and the way they're attached, all of them were some two-piece covering system that didn't look anywhere as near as- or didn't have anywhere near as much structural integrity to them. We came back to LeafGuard.

Anytime you get something that's high-quality product in your house, it's going to help the resale. My overall experience was a wonderful experience and I'm looking forward to many years of not climbing a ladder and cleaning gutters.