Rochester, MN

Speaker 1: With our house, we've had the old gutters and as you can see around our house, we have a lot of trees. Throughout the season, usually, there's always leaves fallen or there are seeds that are coming off the trees or black walnuts filling the gutters. All it takes is just one big rainstorm and the gutters are plugged and we'll have water running into our basement. We've got LeafGuard and we've been very happy with it.

Speaker 2: This is a little bit older house and we wondered if they were going to be able to take care of the new gutters that they put up, but they really did a great job. They put in new eaves and soffits and new drains. When they were all finished, everything was picked up and you didn't even know that they worked throughout the whole day.

Speaker 1: I've been on top the roof a few times are in the storms trying to unclog the gutters so that we didn't have a wet basement. Now, with LeafGuard we can kick back and relax because it's always working for us.