Speaker: About two or three years ago, maybe it's three already, I always had to have somebody come and clean out my gutters two or three times a year. It just bothered me all the time when the grandsons would get up there. They weren't really young, they were older, but I worried. My son was here from Washington DC. It was quite a job. He was saying he had the hose up there and when he got down, I said, "I really should get rain gutters."

We went in the house and he handed me the telephone book. I called and the salesman came. He was real nice and we set it all up. Then they came the next day, two guys, and they fit them on and they were done in a day. Like I said, they were very good workers and nice young men. They took the old gutters away which weren't too old, we had replaced them but I wanted this. I'm glad I got them. There is no way that I would do not have them. I really like these gutters and they haven't clogged since.