Speaker: We are delighted to have LeafGuard provide our gutter systems and replacements for the front and rear of our home. We have two of our neighbors within six houses of us who have LeafGuard. We're very pleased with the results of LeafGuard and recommended them. I certainly would recommend LeafGuard to anyone. I will say this, our mail carrier is delighted with LeafGuard because she's no longer rained upon when putting the mail in the mail chute and the mail is no longer soggy, thanks to LeafGuard.

LeafGuard did a wonderful job on both front and rear of the house. I didn't have to pay anybody to clean the gutters this year, of the leaves. The water just shoots out when we have rain. It has also helped with some little bit of moisture problem we had on the basement, just a tabfrom the overflowing gutters. Can't say enough good about them.