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Why LeafGuard is Better

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LeafGuard Is Better than Two-Piece Systems

The one major and significant difference between all types of rain gutter covers, hoods and helmets is this: All other systems are two-piece systems – a gutter bottom with a cover that is attached to your roof or your gutter itself, and overhangs the open gutter bottom.

Only one system, LeafGuard, is formed from a single piece of aluminum. 

  • LeafGuard gutters have no gaps for water to leak through.
  • LeafGuard will not fail and collapse into the gutter bottom.
  • LeafGuard is not nailed, screwed or glued to your roof. It will not void your roof warranty.

A LeafGuard gutter’s hood is an integral part of the gutter itself and the entire gutter attaches safely and securely to your fascia board.

LeafGuard has large 3” x 4” downspouts, which are larger than other downspouts and can carry water away from your roof and gutters more quickly and efficiently.

Most rain gutter covers, hoods, and helmets, channel water into the gutter through louvered slots or perforated openings designed to mount onto existing gutters. Most of these systems are retrofit products, which slide under the first or second course of shingles, or must be glued or nailed to the roof. These methods of attachment can void roof warrantees.

LeafGuard is a one-piece gutter and cover with sturdy internal hangers, which attach directly to your fascia board, protecting your soffit, and preserving your roof, while keeping the gutter bottom clog-free.

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