The Benefits of Aluminum Gutters

LeafGuard aluminum gutter

You have many choices of materials when it comes to gutters. You can get steel, copper, wood, vinyl, aluminum, and more. But which is the right choice for your home? Aluminum is the most versatile and cost-effective choice.


Aluminum is the most versatile material for manufacturing gutters. It is durable, does not rust, looks good for an extended period, and is weather resistant. It is lightweight and, therefore, easy to install. Also, aluminum is a sustainable material and can be recycled. Aluminum gutters can also be manufactured in single pieces, so there are no seams. This is a significant benefit to aluminum gutters because you will not have any leakage due to seams. 

One major drawback to standard aluminum gutters is that they aren’t as structurally strong as some of the other materials. Aluminum can dent or be misshapen if ladders are placed against the gutter. But there is a way to avoid the problems and still use aluminum as your material of choice.


Steel is one of your choices. There are two types of steel: Galvanized and Stainless. Both are incredibly sturdy. Both types are manufactured in pieces so that you will have seams. Galvanized is the cheaper of the two types. However, galvanized steel has one major drawback – rust. Eventually, this steel will rust, causing leaks or seam separation. Stainless steel gutters will last for a long time and are extremely tough. Their shine will last for years. But the shine will wear off when you see the price. Stainless is two-to-four times as much as gutters made from other materials. So this is an expensive proposition for any homeowner looking to replace their gutters.


Copper is one of the most beautiful materials for gutters. The copper shine will enhance the look of any home. Copper is also manufactured in pieces, so you will have seams that could separate. But the most significant barrier with copper is price. Copper is, hands down, the most expensive gutter material on the market.


Wood gutters used to be the norm many years ago. However, this material has since fallen out of favor. Other options are cheaper and longer lasting. Wood fails at joints and seams. It is also subject to rot. Today wood is mainly used for historic homes, which are required to use the original building materials to maintain historical accuracy.


Vinyl gutters have become a homeowner's choice because of their ease of installation, the fact that they never rust or corrode, and their cheap purchase price. Because they are so lightweight and sections easily snap together, they are straightforward for the do-it-yourselfer to manage and install.

When used in milder climates, they function almost as well as other materials, especially when installed correctly. However, poor installation can result in sagging sections, and vinyl gutters have a reputation for growing brittle and cracking over time and in extreme cold. These home gutters are a good solution if you need new gutters while on a tight budget.

LeafGuard Gutter System

LeafGuard is the original one-piece aluminum gutter system; no other gutter guard system can compare. Our proprietary seamless design has revolutionized the gutter industry for over 25 years, making LeafGuard the most trusted gutter protection in America.

LeafGuard’s seamless one-piece design is stronger and more durable than any other gutter system. With LeafGuard, quality and durability are built in. LeafGuard gutters can handle 32 inches of rain per hour, over three times the record rainfall ever recorded by the US Weather Bureau.

LeafGuard gutters are made from aluminum 20% thicker than the industry standard and downspouts 30% larger than our competitors. Put LeafGuard side-by-side against any other gutter material on the market, and LeafGuard continues to top the competition by providing the best gutter protection available. No other gutter system is designed to provide LeafGuard’s level of quality protection.

LeafGuard is the seamless gutter system guaranteed not to clog*. With LeafGuard, you can Get It and Forget It!

*Guaranteed not to clog, or we will clean your gutters for free