The Causes & Solutions of Fallen Gutters

Broken gutter system falling off of a house

It’s a sight that no homeowner wants to see: You go out in the morning to start your car, look back at your house, and a portion of your gutters has gone rogue and now is pointing 90 degrees toward the ground. Aside from being an eyesore, this fallen gutter can cause serious issues with water and ice collecting around your house. To make sure that you never find yourself in this situation, we’ve outlined a few causes of dangling gutters so you know what to avoid. And if it’s too late, you also have a starting point for righting the ship.


Missing screws, loosened screws

Even if your gutters are perfect when installed, the wear and tear of the seasons can cause them to gradually loosen. With enough neglect, the screws will come out completely and the gutter will sag as a result.


When your gutters are clogged from too many leaves or other debris, they become weighed down from those clogging agents along with the water that is blocked from flowing through the downspouts. All of that puts a lot of stress on the gutters, which can drag them down and pull screws and nails out. Too much of that stress will send your gutters flying downward and hanging sideways.

Leveled out

This is likely the problem that you think about the least, but if your gutters are completely level, then their flow will be halted. This presents a risk of water growing stagnant and weighing down the gutters. If this is the case, you will run into the same stress issues that are listed above.

Each of these issues can be prevented by regularly monitoring your gutters’ tightness and water flow. It is always better to address a small problem immediately, lest it becomes a big problem over time.


If any of the above causes or something else entirely has left a piece of your gutter pointing towards the ground, then you must clean it off and re-attach it. It should be done sooner rather than later, so that water and ice don’t become a major issue around your house. Follow this guide on re-installing a gutter panel. As Danny illustrates, it’s important to drill a new hole for the gutter screws rather than use the previous hole which has widened over time.


We’re not going to tell you that you can’t repair gutters in the middle of winter. Only you can make that call. But just consider that not only will you personally experience the cold, but your gutters and house have experienced it all winter, and as a result will be hard to work on with a drill or hammer.We hope that you never find yourself in a fallen-gutter situation, but if you do, you should be well equipped with tips and information to get you through the re-installation. Whatever you do, please be careful when climbing ladders and remember that it’s always best to bring in a professional gutter contractor to do any adjustments or repairs to your gutters. Check back with our blog periodically for more home improvement resources & information!