The Impact That Gutters Have on Your Yard and Beyond

Gutter system that is collecting rainwater

Of all the tools that you use to protect your beloved yard, gutters might never have made the list. But gutters have more of an impact on the backyard than most homeowners ever realize. Water is a problem when it comes in high amounts. Your lawn needs direct rainfall, not all the rainfall of a house collecting into a focused area.

Three issues to consider:

1. Standing Water Pools

If water is not properly corralled, it can accumulate very quickly in the areas surrounding your home. Stagnant water pools become mosquito havens, so it is important to keep water moving away from your home.

2. Erosion

As detailed in This Old House, erosion is a far bigger threat than homeowners would like to admit. Too much water can gradually wear away soil, making a mess and leaving a dirty appearance. Erosion of soil can leave other elements exposed like pipes or even the foundation of your house.

3. Leaking

If that water is stagnating in pools or eroding soil around your home, there’s a good chance it also is trickling into your home through the foundation and into the basement. The same principle of liquid adhesion that makes LeafGuard gutters effective is what can cause leaking.

As liquids flow, they adhere to the surface on which they are moving. With gutters in place, water adheres to the surfaces and is properly corralled, but if there are no gutters in place, the water will move right down your roof and cling to your house. That can lead to water trickling into your basement and the foundation of your home.

All 3 of these issues are caused by improper water flow away from the house, and all 3 can be avoided using a seamless gutter system like LeafGuard.

Also consider: Using a Rain Barrel

If your gutters and downspouts don’t direct water far enough away from your home, another solution to consider is a rain barrel. By inserting a rain barrel at the bottom of your downspout, you can corral rainwater, protect your yard and outdoor areas, and re-purpose that water later for plants and your lawn.

The issues surrounding your yard, house and gutters are more numerous than you might think. It’s important to have a system in place to avoid stagnant water, soil erosion, and leaking.