Limiting Mosquito Problems with the Help of Gutters

Gutters shown with a mosquito problem

Mosquitoes and summer seem to go hand in hand, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. You might not eliminate them completely, but there are steps you can take to prevent them from getting comfortable around your home. There are also steps to take in order to eliminate them once they are around your home.

First Step: Prevention

Mosquitoes love to make their homes in stagnant water. In order to make your yard less attractive to them, eliminate its susceptibility to standing water. That means having gutters that sufficiently guide water far enough away from your house so that it doesn’t gather and saturate your lawn. And simply having gutters does not suffice – the gutters must not clog, or else stagnant water could develop and mosquitoes can flourish there and fly down to your yard. If water from summer storms is cascading down the side of your house or staying still in your clogged gutters, standing water and mosquitoes will be an issue in no time.

Mosquitoes and standing water are the main summer issues of The LeafGuard Gutter Cycle.

It is also important to survey your yard, identify any areas that will quickly develop standing water, and cover them up if possible. These areas include canoes, kayaks, lawnmowers, or other vehicles that could collect water when left alone. Also be aware of outdoor trash cans that might not get daily or weekly use. These should remain covered in order to avoid water build-up.

Sometimes despite your best efforts, some mosquitoes still lurk outside. It’s important to eliminate them to avoid mosquito bites, which are normally painful and can sometimes carry life-threatening diseases.

Second Step: Elimination. Solutions Include:

  • Bug Spray/Repellent will keep mosquitoes away from you, to a certain degree.
  • A Bug Zapper will keep mosquitoes away from you by drawing them towards the zapper and killing them.
  • The Huffington Post has some creative solutions if you don’t have either of those on hand.

These are the only solutions for the presence of mosquitoes. It’s always better to limit their presence altogether by preventing the emergence of stagnant water around your home. LeafGuard gutters protect your home from stagnant water by collecting water and driving it away from the house.