How to Paint Your Gutters

man painting gutter

At some point, you may look at your gutters and decide that they need painting. They may be faded or scratched, or the paint may have come off in areas. It’s possible your tastes may have changed so you might want a different color than the original.

The big question is, can you paint your gutters? A common misconception is thinking that gutters can’t be painted because they’re metal, and the paint won’t stick. However, there are special paints available just for metal. Plus, if you correctly clean and prepare the surface of your gutters, you can make them look new with a fresh coat of paint. Now that you know you can paint your gutters, we’ll help guide you through the correct ways to do it.

Steps to Painting Your Gutters

1. Clean Your Gutters
You will first have to clean your gutters on the inside and outside. Remove all the leaves and debris from the inside and hose the interior till the water runs clear. Then take a scrub brush with soap and water to the outside and remove all the spots and dirt. The gutters must be spotless or the paint won't stick. You may also have to remove the braces that hold the downspouts in place to get a thorough clean and a uniform coat of paint over all the gutters.

2. Use a Primer
Primer is essential because it allows the paint to stick to the surface and helps to prevent damage to the gutter. You can use an oil-based primer or an acrylic bonding primer. Make sure the primer does not contain ammonia, which could cause bubbles in your paint finish. Professionals prefer a clear acrylic primer. Once you apply the primer, let it dry for 48 hours. This allows it to cure correctly so the gutter can accept the paint finish.

3. Apply the First Coat
You can use either enamel paint or acrylic paint. Enamel paint is hard paint that gives your gutter a heavier-duty finish. It can help protect from rusting if your gutter is made from a metal that is susceptible to rust. Enamel paint is generally oil-based and more difficult to clean up after and requires solvents like turpentine to clean your brushes or other tools. Acrylic can usually be cleaned up with water if done before it dries. Whatever paint you choose, apply an even coat to the entire surface. Any brush you select will be acceptable to use. Make sure you get every spot. And let the paint dry for 24 hours, regardless of the manufacturer's directions on the paint drying time.

4. Apply the Second Coat
Always apply a second coat of paint to even out the surface. Use the same application method you used in the first coat. Let dry another 24 hours before putting any hardware back on that you removed before painting, such as the braces. Make sure you do two coats on the braces or other hardware and be sure they are completely dry before reinstalling. Once you are finished, you’ll have a freshly painted gutter.

Do I need to paint my gutters?

If your gutters are chipped, blistering, or have scratches, you may need to paint them to give them a fresh look. Or a change in color may bring some additional curb appeal to your home. So if you choose to paint your gutters, paint away!

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