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Why LeafGuard is Better

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Gutter Screens

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Ordinary Gutters

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Gutter Guards


What are gutter guards?

Think of a piece of your home that protects from the wear and tear of the natural elements. Think of an integral part in the prevention of water damage. Think of the difference between excellent home maintenance and sub-par home maintenance.

A gutter guard is any piece that attaches to the gutter and prevents unwanted materials from entering. Usually, those unwanted materials are leaves, branches, and other outdoor debris. By keeping those materials out, gutter guards go a long way in preventing clogs and cracks in your gutters.

Not all gutter guards are created equal, however. There are different styles as well as different materials, and the best choice is often determined based on the homeowner’s specific objectives.

LeafGuard’s take on the gutter guard is an integrated protective hood. The hood is a crucial part of a seamless gutter system, supported by custom-fit professional installation and a lifetime warranty.

The goal of the gutter guard is simple: protect and fortify the home against nature’s assailants.

Before Gutter Guards Arrived

Gutters can function without gutter guards. They just can’t function for very long. Before gutter guards, a gutter system could successfully corral water only if leaves and debris weren’t a threat. As most homeowners would attest, leaves are always a threat come September and October.


leaves gutter open

The absence of gutter guards leaves the gutter system susceptible to clogging. When that happens, the homeowner has two options: get up on the ladder and unclog them manually, or leave them alone and risk water build up during a rainstorm.

There are effective gutter guards and ineffective gutter guards, but the necessity of having them in place is real.

Gutter Guards Defined

So what exactly are gutter guards?

A gutter guard is any piece that protects the exposed top portion of a gutter by preventing anything other than water from entering.

There are three basic types of rain gutter guards:

  •       Leaf Filters
  •       Gutter Screens
  •       Gutter Covers

Most are add-on devices that fit over, or into, existing or new open gutters. Some will completely cover the gutter but contain holes for water to pass through, while others will leave a small opening between the gutter and gutter guard.

LeafGuard’s approach to the gutter guard is a leaf and debris-shielding hood that is a fundamental part of the gutter system. The hood is installed simultaneously with the gutters and is made of the same material, fit to the exact dimensions required. 

gutter guard


How Gutter Guards Work

By design, gutter guards block debris but allow for water to enter. 


LeafGuard gutters protect because their design utilizes liquid adhesion. Liquid adhesion is a simple but powerful principle: water adheres to a surface, and is pulled downward by the force of gravity. That “pull” corrals the water gently into the seamless gutter system, rather than allowing it to escape over the edge.


The main benefits of gutter guards are:

  • Protection from the elements
  • No clogs
  • Free flow of water
  • Less wear and tear on gutters
  • Lower chance of cracks from pressure or ice
  • Matching design and color with main gutter piece

The LeafGuard Approach

LeafGuard’s integrated protective hood helps accomplish two main goals:

  • Keep leaves, twigs, debris, and pests out
  • Drive water in

Strong and durable aluminum keeps the debris hood in tact and functioning over the course of a long time. Its patented curved design sets it apart from the more basic gutter guards, leaf filters, and gutter screens.

Leaves Versus Photo

Snow Versus Photo


The debris-shedding hood is a seamless part of the gutter system. LeafGuard’s seamless approach ensures no hinges, parts, or “square pegs fitting into round holes”. No points of weakness results in maximum efficiency. It is a singular approach that fortifies the home better than a collection of different parts ever could.

Gutter Guard Guarantees

LeafGuard puts its version of the gutter guard in at the time of installation. Most others are put in “post installation”, or separately and much later than the gutter itself. When a gutter guard is installed with the same dimensions and designs as the gutter, and at the same time, it makes for a much stronger and unified system.

The LeafGuard lifetime warranty also kicks in at the time of installation. LeafGuard brand gutters are guaranteed not to clog for as long as the homeowner owns the home, or the installing dealer will clean the gutters for free.

The debris-shedding hood is crucial to the never-clog guarantee. Without the hood, even the best gutters would see build-up and clogging eventually. Without this gutter guard, it’s only a matter of time. With it, time is no longer a factor.  

Separating the Good from the Bad

An effective gutter guard keeps unwanted leaves and debris out, while letting water in to flow throughout the gutter. In this way the gutter guard is analogous to the filters you use in your home and in your everyday life: keep the bad out, let the good in.

Your air filter removes dust, pollen, and pollutants from the air. Your water filter purifies water from bacteria and minerals, among others. Your coffee filter traps the unwanted grounds and lets the liquid coffee pour through. Even your Instagram filter keeps the best and eliminates the worst elements of a photo!

Your gutter guards, when working properly, remove the unwanted leaves, debris, and small pests so that the gutter system is “purified” and functioning properly.


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